A relaxed dog maintaining gentle eye contact

5 Undeniable Signs Your Dog Fully Trusts You

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The bond between a dog and its owner is a profound one, rooted in mutual appreciation, love, and most importantly, trust.

Contrary to common belief, earning a dog’s complete trust goes beyond the occasional treat and belly rub.

Achieving this level of trust requires months, if not years, of consistent love and attention.

Not all relationships reach this pinnacle, but if your dog truly trusts you, there will be clear signs.

Here are five undeniable indications that your dog trusts you completely.

5. Your Dog Maintains Eye Contact

A relaxed dog maintaining gentle eye contact

Far from being a sign of aggression, when a dog maintains a relaxed posture while locking eyes with its human, it’s a sign of trust.

Scientists have confirmed that a dog’s reward center in the brain lights up when they gaze into their owner’s eyes, explaining why they maintain eye contact in a non-threatening manner.

4. Your Dog Shows You Its Belly

A happy dog lying on its back

A dog’s belly is one of its most vulnerable spots.

While fearful dogs might roll over as a sign of submission, a dog that truly trusts you will roll over voluntarily or flop onto its back for a nice belly rub, signaling complete trust and comfort in your presence.

3. Your Dog Has a Confident Body Posture

A joyful dog enjoying quality

A dog that doesn’t trust its owner will exhibit body language that suggests fear, such as cowering or tucking its tail.

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In contrast, a dog with a relaxed and confident body posture in your presence clearly feels safe and trusts you.

2. Your Dog Sleeps Near You

A peaceful dog sleeping

Dogs are particularly vulnerable when sleeping, so they tend to choose safe, confined spaces for rest.

If your dog chooses to sleep near you, especially if it makes contact with you, it shows a deep level of trust, perceiving you as a protector rather than a threat.

1. Your Dog Wants to Spend Time with You

A confident dog in a park 2

The ultimate sign of trust is your dog’s desire to spend as much time with you as possible.

A dog that has memorized your daily routine to maximize time spent together sees you as a trusted and beloved member of its pack.

Although dogs are often seen as naturally trusting and loyal creatures, it’s a common misconception that their trust doesn’t need to be earned.

You can gauge whether you’ve earned your dog’s trust by observing its body language around you, noting where it sleeps, whether it initiates non-dominant eye contact, and its eagerness to spend time with you.

Delving into these signs not only helps you understand your canine companion better but also strengthens the unique bond you share.

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